About us

The birth of Libertia was led by an excited and hopeful team of people to offer the best version of themselves to the transport sector, with a special sensitivity to all stakeholders involved in the activity, mainly customers and carriers. With this attitude, so essential to the development of the company, people have been incorporating with high training levels as well as each and everyone of them has a particularly positive and decisive character.

From the beginning, Libertia is oriented to growth and to a continuous improvement, with a commitment focused on customers’ and carriers’ satisfaction, trying to find solutions to all situations that result from the activity of transport on road . In this way, from the birth to the present, specialized departments have been generating by geographical area providing high quality services in Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Portugal and the Benelux.

Libertia’s team has over 20 years of experience in the efficient and professional management of the transportation needs of its customers.

Due to Libertia’s orientation towards growth, people have been incorporating with a very specific profile, dominating a high level of training with a strong attitude toward service, offering a multilingual service with concerns toward the continuous training and improvement.

Libertia - TruckerFrom some time ago, LIBERTIA is lucky to has a new Teammate, it name is Trucker and it is has become in our new company image.