Social responsability

Collaborating with the association Niños con Amor

Supporting VISUP in Beleko (Mali)

Libertia collaborates with the association “Niños con Amor” that was born in Seville in November 1995, as employment, personal and social response to Intelectutal Disabled Persons (IDPs) in adulthood.

Currently, the Association manages an Occupational Center (CO) and an Unit Day Center (UD). Both centers are arranged with the Ministry for Equality and Social Welfare of the Andalusian Government.

The Association also provides its users and partners a range of complementary services funded by the Association itself or through public or private funding applied by media of specific projects and programs.

“Libertia is present in the help to the third world through its support to the NGO VISUP founded in 1996 to face the tragedy of the orphanage and the hunger in Beleko (Mali).

VISUP ONG without profit focus its efforts on the Misión of the Hermanas Religiosas Maria Inmaculada, which has built an orphanage and which is in charge both of the feeding and the education of the most weak people, the orphan children.

Nowadays the VISUP and Misión labor has been extended, having formalized a project of professional education, where the vocational training of the medical staff is highlighted , the creation of a clinic and a dispensary that mitigate the enormous necessities of the local population”.

“Libertia maintains a total agreement with the labor performed by VISUP through the spreading of it actions and through a big number of contributions that supports such a relevant help”.