LIBERTIA Soluciones Logísticas SLU has as priority strategic objectives to guarantee the quality of the services provided to its clients in the provision of the service of “Management of National and International Transport in General Regime of Full Road Cargo”.

To achieve these objectives LIBERTIA Soluciones Logísticos SLU has adopted this Quality Policy, which represents the commitment to:

  • Create a comprehensive management culture based on service quality, training and motivating staff in order to achieve full customer satisfaction.
  • Give our clients a service adapted and adapted to their requirements, in order to satisfy their needs and expectations, providing them with personal attention at all times, full guarantee and reliability in the treatment and management of their transport needs, through adequate control. and monitoring the services we perform.
  • Continuously improve the development of our activities avoiding the appearance of errors, and developing an effective planning and initial prevention process to avoid later corrections, in order to prevent their transfer to the client.
  • Always operate under strict compliance with the applicable legal requirements, as well as those imposed by our clients or those assumed by the Management of LIBERTIA Soluciones Logísticos SLU.
  • Collaborate with our suppliers, creating relationships based on trust and reciprocal contribution.

The Management, as the highest representative of LIBERTIA Soluciones Logísticas SLU, acquires the commitment that this policy is carried out, is kept up to date, and is communicated and understood at all organizational levels. Similarly, this statement of intent provides a frame of reference to establish and review the objectives and goals of our organization.


Certified by AENOR

LIBERTIA’s daily effort is focused on exceeding the expectations of our clients, seeking to maximize their level of satisfaction in an organized way and based on values.

We are pleased to have obtained the AENOR certificate, since it continues to be a symbol of recognition of the effort made by our team, on which we have focused all our energies unifying and systematizing processes and behaviors in a way that optimizes the day-to-day of our management, and the margin of error is minimal.

LIBERTIA’s continuous improvement approach is aimed at offering its client maximum security and peace of mind in terms of logistics.

From LIBERTIA we want to thank you for your attention and convey that it is in our interest to continue improving and building trust.