Destinations throughout Europe

Freight transport and logistics play a key role in the European economy that will be increasingly important due to the globalization process, to improve its competitive position in the context of a new, more sustainable economic model.

Libertia has a team specialized in non-perishable full loads at the national and European level, giving our customers availability all year round.

We offer a fast and flexible service to all our clients, who will receive a personalized service to advise them on all their needs.

Our entire fleet is duly equipped with an internal management mobile app that allows us to continuously monitor your cargo. Our professionals being able to report the status and location of your merchandise when you need it.


We have a control system that allows exhaustive monitoring of each and every one of our loads at any point on the globe.

Fast Delivery

We optimize the shipment of your loads and routes thanks to our experience in the sector and our chain of processes offering a quality, fast and efficient service.

24/7 Support

The tranquility of our clients above all. We care about offering the most complete and innovative solution at any time and for every need.