Road Freight

Libertia has a powerful structure that allows us to offer a road freight service fast and flexible both nationally and internationally.


We work side by side with our clients to adapt to their particular reality, giving a personalized response and attending to what each company needs from its transport provider.

We are specialists in logistics solutions applied to the Land Transport of Full Cargo by Road of Goods, which allows us to provide our customers with availability throughout the year, both nationally and internationally.

We trust in medium-long-term projects, considering that the movement is showing itself. With a maxim on our way: How hard it gets, the impossible is attempted!

Libertia Headquarters

Daily effort

We face each day with enthusiasm and commitment to exceed the expectations of each of the clients who have trusted us.

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Libertia Headquarters
  • Pol ind. La Torrecilla, Avenida de la Torrecilla,21 Centro empresarial La Torrecilla 1º11 14013 Córdoba

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